Payroll Services

Are your ready for real time PAYE return?

From 6th April 2013 employers across the UK now require to submit their payroll figures in Real Time to HMRC. This means every time you pay your employees, either on or before the pay date, you must inform HMRC of your actions through your online login. Your Payroll Software if RTI compliant, will have an online submission feature which should do this automatically for you.  Our Payroll team will assist your business by making sure your payroll details are updated and accurate with HMRC, enabling both you and your employees to be prepared for Real Time Return.

Avoid this stress and submit your payroll work to our team.

Our dedicated team are happy to speak with you and provide a reliable, confidential, efficient service that is tailored to your individual needs.

Our payroll services include:

  • Reporting FPS and EPS in real time
  • Processing and printing of Weekly/ quarterly/ monthly payslips
  • Issuing year end P60’s and Leavers P45’s
  • Completing online Annual Payroll Returns
  • Calculation of National Insurance / PAYE Deductions
  • Generating P32 reports
  • Calculation of Statutory Deductions like SMP/SPP/SSP


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